Greetings from the President

We, TOKYO SHOKAI, aim to develop a new-age global market for a further breakthrough as a pioneer trading company specialized in chemical products.

Since TOKYO SHOKAI was established in 1917 for the purpose of selling industrial chemicals and papermaking materials, we have accumulated a great deal of experience and know-how as a trading company specialized in chemical products by trading in the market for over 100 years.

Currently, we target not only the domestic market but also the Asian market, which is growing rapidly, and we are actively promoting the strengthening of our trading base through the establishment of local corporations based on our two core business divisions: the Plastics Division focusing on high-value added engineering plastics and the Electronics & Functional Materials Division focusing on advanced printed circuit board materials. In addition, we actively provide valuable information and technical services, as well as supply the materials we propose to powerfully support the expansion of our customers' businesses all over the world.

We will consider the entire globe as a business field and use customers' satisfaction and trust as energy for a further breakthrough in the global market.

Makoto Mizutani, President