Plastics Plastics Div. Ⅱ (products) Our Plastics Div. Ⅱ  (products) deals with polycarbonate and other plastic products, such as sheet and film.

Taking advantage of enhanced hardness and optical properties, sheets and films are increasingly adopted for televisions and personal computers

We offer a wide variety of processed products such as PC multilayer sheets and PC films, which are products of MGC. PC and acrylic resin laminated sheet with special hard coating provides enhanced surface hardness, high scratch resistance and transparency, it is most suitable for the application of LCD covers of personal computers, mobile phones and game machines. Also films with good optical properties are increasingly adopted for dispersion films for LCD television's backlight.

Main products
Polycarbonate sheet & film (Iupilon sheet/Iupilon Sunguard and corrugated sheet)
Optical sheet & film
Other plastic sheet
Protect films
Plastic pallets