Electronics & Functional Materials Div. /Functional Materials Sales Dept. Our Functional Material Sales Dept. offers industrial chemicals and chemical products, such as hydrogen peroxide and metal surface treatment agents, various types of insulating materials, and other functional products supporting the electronics field.

High performance speciality chemicals group supporting advanced fields from substrates materials to insulating materials

By offering substantial assortment of industrial chemicals including chemical surface treatment agents which make high definition etching possible, we contribute to establishment of higher quality and higher definition production lines. Also our high functional product lines such as various insulating materials with high insulating properties and strength and "RP system," a packaging technology which prevents deterioration of electric parts, support the development of the electric and electronics industries.

Main products
Inorganic chemicals
Hydrogen peroxide
Surface treatment agents
Chemical grinding solutions
Other chemicals
Polyvinyl alcohol
Phosphoric acid
Main products
Metal surface protection system
RP system
Electrical insulating materials
Printed circuit board-related products
Stripping solutions
Electrolytic copper foil
Cushioning materials
Mold release film