Plastics Plastics Div. Ⅰ (resins) Our Plastics Div.Ⅰ(resins) offers various kinds of resins ranging from five major engineering plastics to commodity resins

Meeting every need of customers with substantial product line from engineering plastics to commodity resins

With polycarbonate (PC), a product of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics (MEP), at the top of our product line, offering a wide array of resin lineup including five major engineering plastics of polycarbonate, polyacetal, polyamide, modified PPE and PBT. We support every application demand including automobiles, electronics, machinery, building materials, and so on. Also "Iupizeta EP-5000," a newly developed special PC by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC), with its innovative optical properties such as having both high refractive index and low birefringence, attracts a lot of attention as a lens material for digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.

Main products
Special polycarbonate resin (Iupizeta)
Polyamide MXD6 (Reny)
Polycarbonate resin(Iupilon / Novarex)
PBT resin(Novaduran)
Polyacetal resin (Iupital)
Modified PPE resin (Iupiace)
ABS resin / PS resin / PMMA resin