Electronics & Functional Materials Div. /Electronics Materials Sales Dept. Our Electronics Materials Sales Dept. offers high-performance copper foils and entry sheet for drilling, etc., with a focus on high-functional copper clad laminates.

World acclaimed substrate materials including BT resins contributing to the evolution of printed circuit boards

BT resin copper clad laminates which have excellent strength as well as low thermal expansion properties are widely used in the global market as ultrahigh density semiconductor package substrate and chip LED substrate and have acquired large share. "High Performance FR-4" is a line of epoxy resin copper clad laminates with high heat resistance and high-frequency properties which are applied to a wide variety of motherboards and have earned a reputation as highly reliable products. In addition, we have high quality copper foils which enable fine pattern etching. Having been distributing these excellent materials, we contribute to the evolution of the printed circuit boards. Also "LE sheets" used by many of the printed circuit board manufacturers achieve drastic streamlining in the punching process of substrates.

Main products
BT resin copper clad laminates
Epoxy resin copper clad laminates
LE sheets
Copper foil with primer (PCF)